Pendant Lights

Suspension Light

Staring into the universe is now possible even on cloudy nights. Designed by a mathematics professor, the Pure lighting is a sphere created from a series of triangular shapes. The intricate spheres of Pure lighting transport the electrical current. The LED terminals then join these paths to create an atmospheric ambiance. The transparent lenses are specially detailed to spread warm white light in every direction. Pure lighting  Suspension Light is equipped with 13 feet of field-cuttable wire (minimum length is 12 “), white steel canopy, and transparent lenses. Pure lighting is dimmable to approximately 30% with line voltage incandescent modern-dimmers, sold separately.

  • Stainless Steel with PMMA
  • Small Cord: L 157.21 in
  • Small Fixture: H 16.9 in , Dia 16.9 in
  • Small Suspension: L Adj To 174.11 in
  • Medium Cord: L 157.21 in
  • Medium Fixture: H 24 in , Dia 24 in
  • Medium Suspension: L Adj To 181.21 in
  • Large Cord: L 157.21 in
  • Large Fixture: H 35 in , Dia 35 in
  • Large Suspension: L Adj To 192.21 in